Marilyn Manson - 1996 Live tab

1996 (live) by Marilyn Manson
Guitarist: Zim Zum
Album: Dead To The World Video
Dif.: 7
Tabbed by TWIGGy5

Chorus (w/ heavy ass distortion)G|-----------------------12-7-9--------------------------D|-2---5-8-7----------2--12-7-9--------2---5-8-7---------A|-2---5-8-7----------2--10-5-7--------2---5-8-7---------E|-0---3-6-5--00-000--0---------00-000-0---3-6-5--00-000- PM-----| PM----| PM-------|
Chorus (cont.)G|----12-7-9--9\7-2-R-|D|-2--12-7-9--9\7-2-R-|A|-2--10-5-7--7\5-2-R-|E|-0------------------|
Chorus 2G|-----------------------12-7-9--------|-%-|---------------D|-2---5-8-7----------2--12-7-9--------|-%-|-2---5-8-7-6-5-A|-2---5-8-7----------2--10-5-7--------|-%-|-2---5-8-7-6-5-E|-0---3-6-5--00-000--0---------00-000-|-%-|-0---3-6-5-4-3- PM-----| PM----|
Chorus 2 (cont.)G|---12-7-9--------|---------------|----12-7-9--9\7-|D|2--12-7-9--------|-2---5-8-7-6-5-|-2--12-7-9--9\7-|A|2--10-5-7--------|-2---5-8-7-6-5-|-2--10-5-7--7\5-|E|0---------00-000-|-0---3-6-5-4-3-|-0--------------| PM-----|
Fill 1 (“Light a candle….”)E|-0-----------------------|B|-0-----------------------|G|-0-----------------------|D|-0-----------------------|A|-0-----------------------|
Solo (“Not just, not just yet…..”) I have no fucking clue it’s just Zim doing random notes very high on the fretboard Song Structure: - Verse - Just Talking Chorus (“Anti people now….”) Verse - More Talking Chorus 2 (“Anti people……”) Fill 1 Bridge Solo Chorus Random Shit Okay there you go…. I have no clue about the solo. It was just hard to everything else cause it was coming from a shitty tv set. So deal with it………….. If you can do a better job, then go ahead and tab it. Good luck to ya. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at
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