Marina And The Diamonds – Seventeen chords

Am F Dm GUsed to be a major scale
Am F Dm GBut the melody went stale
Am F Dm GMusical cacophony let
Am F Dm GEensy Weensy spider free
You're a rich little boy Who's had to work for his toys You've got all the sensibilities Of an upper class guy
Am C F GNo I'm not your little slave
Am C F GNo I don't twist and turn that way
Am C F GOnly got bad things to say
Am C G FYou're always asking what is up, up with me
Am C F Could never tell you what happened
G C G AmThe day I turned seventeen
C G AmThe rise of a king and the fall of a queen
C G F C G AmSeventeen, seventeen
(same chords as verse 1) Oh, you are embarrassed of me Cos I use my tongue freely Bet you wish I couldn't speak Cos when I do, you know I tell you why you're being weak You want a hassle free life Go get your upper class wife Oh, she's got all the personality Of a lemon that has been Truly sucked dry You teach me how to behave I felt you question the way I was brought up as a baby Well you don't know fuck about my family Could never tell you what happened The day I turned seventeen The rise of a king and the fall of a queen Seventeen, seventeen
C G AmNever fell down like a princess
C G AmI used to kid myself in this stress
C G FThat it was just how things
C G AmWere meant to be
C G Am C G AmOh, seventeen, seventeen.
(original last verse) Never fell down like a princess But at least I picked myself up like a queen
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