Marina And The Diamonds – Simplify chords ver. 2

Capo on first fret :)

G D E F#m

Verse 1:
F#m D ELately I have realised
That I need to simplify Thoughts pass like ships in the sky Do or do not, there is no try Chorus:
G D E F#mLife became complicated
G D EModern times arrived
G D E F#mBoard games are underrated
G D E I want a different life
A D E F#mThey say, well get out of the city
We say, well there's no such thing As a house in the country (in the country) Verse 2:
F#m D EI am trying to rectify
Habits that clog up my mind No time to be meek and mild Live simply like a child Chorus same as before Comments and corrections if you want :)
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