Marina And The Diamonds – Starlight chords

D BbYou, oh you
F cm EbHad a sad urge to be wanted by fools
Bb Welcoming those that would be
F cmSnoopin' troupin' enveloping your family jewels
Bb F#You chose to grow your nose
Eb D Gm GCause deep down you knew, I knew, you knew, I knew
Cm Bb Cm DThat I'd have been wrong quicker than you could come
Gm EbSaid I was too good for you
BbWake up little Susie
D Eb Bb EbIt's bad news when you hear a guy cry
BbYou spilt the beans in jail
D Eb BbTimed it perfectly after your granny died (tut tut tut)
Cm Gm F EbYou knew I wouldn't shoot a man when he was down
Bb D GmWell done Pinocchio you told a lie
Cm F D D/F#I wouldn't take advantage of a cut-up heart
Gm Eb GmSuch a vulnerable time, you tell me
Cm GmI'm so lonely
D GmWon't you hold me
Cm GmStars shine only
C GmUp it's only light
Gm Bb F Gm C GmOld light, it's been dead for a long time
Bb F GmLong time
Eb FWith time, time
bm G DStars of love look bright
bm G bm/DTill they're ready to die
D em GThe broken spend their lives
D em Bb F# F A dmStaring at the sky
D BbNow it's time
FBury the hatchet
cm EbAnd bury it deep
BbYou've a massive heart
D EbBut you're fucked up, kid
BbAnd we sow what we reap
cm gm F EbWoah, cause we grew up as solitary souls
Bb D gmSometimes it's better to be on your own
cm Bb cm DI need time just to roam, roam, roam
gm FFind a place I can call home
gm cmLove is like starlight
gm D gmEven when a star dies
cm gmYou can still see it shine
C gmBut it's only old light
Bb F gm C gm Old light, it's been dead for a long time
Eb FWith time, time
(same chords) Stars of love burn bright Till they're ready to die The broken spend their lives Staring at the sky Oh, it is just old light Completing its last flight Across the velvet nights
EBurn bright till they die
The love lights in the sky Love is like starlight Love is starlight
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