Marina And The Diamonds – Outsider chords

Left handed
Am F D AmFeeling like a loser Feeling like a bum
C F D ESitting on the outside Observing the fun
Am F D AmDon't get on my bad side I can work a gun
C F D EHop into the backseat baby I'll show you some fun
Am DThese people are weird in here
Am EAnd they're giving me the fear
Am DJust because you know my name
Am EDoesn't mean you know my game
Am DI look myself in the face
Am EAnd whisper "I'm in the wrong place"
Am DIs there more to lose than gain
Am EIf I go on my own again? (On my own again)
Am D Inside the outsider
Am E Inside the outsider
Am D Inside the outsider
Am E Inside...
(And then it repeats Am, D, Am, E until the bridge) (Verse) People are connecting Don't know what to say I'm good at protecting What they want to take Spilt the milk at breakfast Hit me double hard And I grinned at you softly Because I'm a fucking wild card (Pre-Chorus and Chorus 1x) (Bridge)
Am D Am DAll I know is I cannot pretend
Am D Am DSo I'm sitting on the outside again
(Chorus x2) (End on Am)
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