Mario - How Do I Breathe tab

Hey, I made a guitar version of this song and it was all done by ear. It might not be
enough, but it sounds pretty awesome to me ^^. So yeah it goes something like this...

Capo on 1st fret

(All notes according to the capo) ~ = Hold the note x = Ghost note That's basically the whole song... (I think) Listen to the song thoroughly to get the tune and rhythm. One important advice, use finger picking instead of using a pick. You don't have to play the ghost notes and taps I've added, I just added those fills because I think it sounds It's entirely up to you however you want to play it, whether you want to strum it or pick it, it doesn't really matter as long as you're happy :D. Please do not be This is my first tab I've ever posted in my whole entire life. If you have any queries, or corrections please just e-mail me or post a comment stating what you think sounds then I'll change it. That's all folks!
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