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Recent Illusion - Marit Larsen

Asus2		X  0  2  2  0  0
Asus4		X  0  2  2  3  0
A#5sus4		X  0  3  2  3  1
A7#5sus4	X  0  3  2  3  3
Amaj7/G#   	X 11  X  9  9  9
Gmaj7/F#       X  9  X  7  7  7
A/F		X  8  X  9 10  9
Amaj7/E		X  7  X  9  9  9
A/D#		X  6  X  9 10  9
D6-5		X  X  0  7  7  7

Intro & Versese|----------------------------------|B|--3--2--0--2--------3--2--0--2----|G|--2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-|D|--2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-|A|--0-----------------0-------------|E|----------------------------------|
e|--1--3--0-- --1--1--0---|B|--3--3--2-- --3--3--2---|G|--2--2--2-- or--2--2--2----|D|--3--3--2-- --3--3--2---|A|--------0-- --------0---|E|----------- ------------|
OUTRO: A Amaj7/G# G Gmaj7/F#e|----9---9-------7-9--7-------|B|-10-10--9-------8-8--7-------|G|-9------9-------7----7-------|D|-----------------------------|A|-12-----11------10---9-------|E|-----------------------------|
A/F Amaj7/E A/D# D6-5e|----9---9-------9--9---7-----|B|-10-10--9-------10-10--7-----|G|-9------9-------9------7-----|D|-----------------------0-----|A|-8------7-------6------------|E|-----------------------------|
INTRO: (Asus4,A,Asus2,A)X2 A#5sus4,A7#5sus4, A VERSE1: A How hard can it be To have and to keep A#5sus4 A A#5sus4 A What everyone has? I walk in the streets The beautiful meet A#5sus4 A A#5sus4-A7#5sus4-A They're starting to laugh E I know too much A I feel too much E I crave too much A A* (slide it back) I'm out of touch (INTRO) VERSE2: A My recent illusion Blurred out my conclusion A#5sus4 A A#5sus4-A7#5sus4-A There's no one for me I can't do it right I can't sleep at night A#5sus4 A A#5sus4-A7#5sus4-A He's all that I see E I want too much A I've Seek too much E I Try too much A I'm out of touch E I feel too much A Demand too much E I lose too much A* (Slide it back) I've lost my touch (INTRO) OUTRO: A Amaj7/G# G Gmaj7/F# I aim high, you aim low A/F Amaj7/E A/D# D6-5 Oh, ain't that just the way it goes A Amaj7/G# G Gmaj7/F# I see sparks, you see none A/F Amaj7/E A/D# D6-5 Had I only quit while it was fun
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