Maritime – The Window Is The Door tab


Very easy song, the other tabs were just a bit off though. There's basically two main 
one for the verses and one for the choruses.

Capo 5th fret

C   x32010
C/B x20010
F   x33210 (occasionally hammer onto the 2nd fret of the G string)
Am  x02210
G   3x0030

Intro: C  C/B  F  Am  G  F

C                    C/B
You just want the phone to ring
The dogs to bark and the wind to sing
      Am   G           F
Your name here in the car

We're just staring at the flies
They're all dying to get inside
It's so strange how hard luck keeps

Break: G  Am  F

It gets so easy to leave that work
And airplanes we see as just exits from now
Worlds collide and we depart all my clothes strewn about
Well who really owns the floor

G            Am       F
I'm not your way out

G  Am  F

All the cities left undone and bricks in time turn back to mud
The weekend plans are gone
There’s no one coming down the hall
The Kingdoms to come will surely fall
We curtain call and tie one on

I’m not your way out
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