Mark Altrogge - As Long As I Have Breath chords

C9 D C9How can I thank You oh Lord
C9 D EmFor taking my place on the cross?
C9 D C9And how do I thank You oh Lord
D EmFor all of Your mercy and kindness
Bm C9For drawing me to You
Bm C9For letting me hear You
Bm C9 DFor opening my heart, to the gospel
G D As long as I have breath, I will praise You
Am G C9As long as my heart beats I will sing
G DAs long as life flows through my veins
C9 D GI will bless Your name!
Verse 2 How do I thank You oh Lord for all of the Love in Your Eyes and how do I thank You oh Lord for how You have changed me forever for giving me power a hope and a future with favor and gladness and every good thing
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