Mark Altrogge – O Faithful God chords

Left handed
O Faithful God (I Will Praise You All My Life) -mark Altrogge

G. C/G. G. GsusI will praise You all my life
Am7. Dsus. DI will sing to You with my whole heart
B. Em. C. EmI will trust in You, my hope and my help
C. G/D. D. G. DMy Maker and my faithful God
C. G. C/G. GO faithful God, O faithful God
C/G. G. Am7. Dsus. DYou lift me up and You uphold my cause
C. G. C/G. GYou give me life, You dry my eyes
C/G. Em. D. C/G. GYou're always near, You're a faithful God
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