Mark Altrogge – How High And How Wide chords

G Am7No eye has seen and no ear has heard
G/B C Dsusand no mind has ever conceived
G Am7the glorious things that you have prepared
G/B Dsus Dfor everyone who has believed;
F A/C# AYou brought us near and you called us your own,
Am7 Dsus Dand made us joint heirs with your Son.
GHow high and how wide
Am7how deep and how long
F C/E Dsus Dhow sweet and how strong is your love;
GHow lavish your grace
Am7how faithful your ways
C D Ghow great is your love, O Lord!
G Am7Objects of mercy, who should have know wrath,
G/B C Dwe're filled with unspeakable joy,
G Am7riches of wisdom, unsearchable wealth,
G/B Dsus Dand the wonder of knowing your voice;
F A/C# AYou are our treasure and our great reward,
Am7 Dsus Dour hope and our glorious King.
©1991 Integrity's Praise! Music / PDI Praise Words and Music by Mark Altrogge
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