Mark Bautista – You Got Me Workin tab

Title: You Got Me Working
Artist: Mark Bautista
Album: A Gary Valenciano All-Star Tribute Collection

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Intro: C-Dm-C-G

AM7                  DM7
Eveyday is brighter, Now that she is mine
     C#m7             F#m7          Bm7-E
And all my days are filled with loving times
And should the day be cloudy
 DM7                        C#m7   
Why should I feel so sad, when what she is,
  F#m7           Bm7-E
Is all I really have

    DM7                       C#7
Hold me and tell me, that this ain't a dream
    F#m7             E
I'm sick and tired of waking up
    DM7                     DM7
And finding it ain't real Listen to me, lady

Cause there's one thing I could do
    F#m7                E
It's got me tired, It's got me down
Got me spinnng round and round


 FM7   Em7    Am7                   FM7-Em7-Am7  
You got me working,You got me working hard 
FM7  Em7    Am7                       G
You got me working,You got me working hard

Hey did you get message now
   DM7                        C#m7        F#m7 
I hope you understanding I'm not just any lover
  Bm7           E
Yet I ain't no superman
working hard all day and night
Is what I tried to to do
     C#m7           F#m7
But I can't keep on going
       Bm7                E
If you don't say you love me too
(repeat refrain)


Em        Am7
I can't believe this is happening
Dm                   G
Especially when you smile at me each day
 Em              Am
And when you stand right next to me
Dm                      G
I wished you were always mine

(repeat refrain)
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