Mark Bautista - Got To Let You Know tab

Title: Got To let You Know
Artist: MArk Bautista

              This is the new song of MArk BAustista
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Intro: D-Bm-Em=F#m-G-A (2x)
D                F#m
You're the only one
 Bm             A
I'm depending on
 Em     A   D          Bm
If you go I would be blue
  G           C     E7
You take away the sun

 D           F#m
So I beg of you
Bm         A
Try to understand
 Em          A         D        Bm
There's no room for words, unsaid
 G                 C  A
Or feelings left to chance

AM7                             Bm
I got to let you know that I love you
AM7                        Bm7
I got to let you know that I care
Am7                          F#m
I got to let you know that for you
              G   E   A
I'll always be there

D                 F#m
Friends say I'm a fool
Bm             A
Not to play it cool
 Em        A          D        Bm
But I don't mind being the only
 G                  C       A
Exception to the rule

D               F#m
Got burning love
Bm                    A
I'm always dreaming of
    Em           A     D       Bm
When you smile it's all worhwhile
   G           C E7
That for me's enough
(repeat chorus)

D                    F#m
Please don't be suprised
Bm7               A
I'm not one to disguise
 Em          A    D     Bm
What I feel I know is true
G               C    A
You've got to realize

D                F#m
Love is like a beel
 Bm7                  A
There's just way to tell
Em     A          D        Bm
If it's real it's going to ring
 G           C-E7
That is why I sing
(repeat chorus)
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