Mark Chesnutt – Light Of The World chords

Transcribed from recording by Mark Chesnutt on Album "Christmas Cookies" (2001)
Capo 5 (key of C)

Verse 1:
GWise men in search of a child
F CFollow the light of a star 'til it came to rest
GOver that holy place
DWhere they saw in his face
D GThe light of the world
Verse 2:
G There in a manger they found
F CA gift from a- bove to a world___ in darkness and doubt
GThat child was a king
DSent down to__ bring
D GThe light of the world
G CSo let it shine (let it shine)
GShine in our hearts (in our hearts)
CLighting our way (light the way)
DOut of the dark (of the dark)
CBright as the star (as the star)
GSent from a- bove (from a- bove)
CLord let us shine (let us shine)
DShine with your love (with your love)
G F The light of the world (light of the world) // [echo (and F chord change) last time only]
Verse 3:
GThough it was so long a- go
F CThe light of his love born in Bethlehem that holy night
GIs still ours to see
DIn you and in me
D GThe light of the world
F G F Light of the world (light of the world)
F GLight of the world
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