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Mark Davis – Bitter-endless chords

There is an odd chord progression, assuming that it is in the key of Bm like it seems to 
be.  Maybe some suspended Bm or D chords thrown in there too.

No capo.

Bm A D A Bmi. fVII iii fVII i
BmIn the bitter endless kind of blue
Awhere just a little spark will do
Di lie awake and i think of you
A Bmsweetness that we've tasted
Bmthis ole room with no great view
Atestament to see me through
Di drift away on dreams of you
A Bmthe tenderness that we wasted
G Athere's nothing down here on god's green earth
D Bmlike the touch of a woman that I love so much
G Anothing between the heavens and depths of hell
D Bmgot a thing on the woman that i love so well
In the bitter endless kind of space that's half a dozen shades of grey i recall the colours of your face the finer things about you this ole cracked and crooked place a good book to save my grace i ponder long on glory days i ponder life without you chorus x 2
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