Mark Knopfler – A Night In Summer Long Ago tab

			     A night in summer long ago - Mark Knopfler
Tabbed by: Pavel Fomenkov

    A        C#m         D   
My lady may I have this dance
            Bm         E
Forgive a knight who knows no shame
    A        C#m         D
My lady may I have this dance
          Bm    E         A
And lady may I have your name

You danced upon a soldiers arm
                 Bm      E
And I felt the blade of love so keen
      A                  C#m    D
And when you smiled you did me harm
            Bm      E        A
And I was drawn to you, my queen

           A               C#m          D
Now these boots may take me where they will
                 Bm     E
Though they may never shine like his
          A          C#m        D
There is no knight I would not kill
            Bm    E       A
To have my ladys hand to kiss

                  C#m   D
Yes and they did take me through the hall
             Bm       E
To leave me not one breath from you
      A             C#m      D
And they fell silent one and all
              Bm      E          A
And you could see my heart was true

            A      C#m        D
Then I did lead you from the hall
            Bm    E
And we did ride upon the hill
        A  C#m        D
Away beyond the city wall
         Bm          E     A
And sure you are my lady still
            C#m  D
A night in summer long ago
                Bm       E
The stars were falling from the sky
      A               C#m        D
And still, my heart, I have to know
            Bm       E      A
Why do you love me, lady, why?
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