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Mark Knopfler – Rudiger tab

			     Rudiger - Mark Knopfler
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Fadd11+ [13320x]
Am [57755x] or [x02210]
Am7M [57655x] or [x02110]
Am7 [57555x] or [x02010]
Dm6 [x2323x]
E [07645x] or [022100]
Eadd13-/B [77655x] or [x2211x]

Intro: F Fadd11+

 Am                    E             Am Am7M Am7 Am7M   Dm6            
Rüdiger stands in the rain and the snow
              Am Am7M Am7 Dm6
Collector of autographs
Names upon photographs
 Dm       Am        G          F  Fadd11+
Faces of people who everyone knows

Rüdiger lives in a place on his own
Briefcase and spectacles
Strange and respectable
He knows the meaning of being alone

 G   Am  G/B  C   F  F/E
Woh woh woh  Rudiger
 Dm Dm/C   G   G/F
Ru   di  ger
 C/E  Am  Am/G
    F   G   E   Eadd13-/B   E   Eadd13-/B
Oh Rudiger

Rüdiger works as a clerk in the town
Music or politics
Rüdiger gets his kicks
He gets information then he comes around

Rüdiger waits at the hall in Berlin
He waits there all night
Security's tight
They know who he is but they don't let him in

Rüdiger waits in the dark by the stair
His fingers are shaking
His feet they are aching
But your name's in the paper so Rüdiger's there
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