Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky chords

Another user did a pretty good job of tabbing this song, but I found that a few of his 
notes were off. The key is to keep the bass line with your thumb during the intro. Sorry 
for the messy tab, it's my first one.

Capo: 4

( ) indicates a ghost note, or a note that is played quieter than the others. Listen to 
the song for the exact rhythm on the intro.

GI am better with my muscles
Than I am with my mouth
G7 C/GI work the fair grounds in the summer
GOr go pick fruit down south
GAnd when I feel them chilly winds
Where the weather goes I'll follow
G7 CPack up my travelling things
GGo with the swallows
D/F# D/F# D7/F#And I might get Lucky now and then
G G/CYou win some
Am Am7 CI might get lucky now and then
G C/G C/GYou win some
| G | C/G | C/G | C/G | | G | C/G | C/G | C/G | | G | C/G | C/G | C/G |
GI wake up every morning
Keep an eye on what I spend
G7 C/GGot to think about eating
GGot to think about paying the rent
I always think it's funny It gets me every time
G7 C/GThat one about happiness and money?
GTell it to the breadline
D/F# D/F# D7/F#But you might get Lucky now and then
G CYou win some
Am Am7 CYou might get Lucky now and then
G C/G G GYeah you win some
[solo]: | G | G | G | G | | G G7 | C/G | C/G | G | | G | G | G | G | | G | G7 | C | C | | G | G | D/F# | D/F# | | D/F# | D7/F# | G | C | | Am | Am Am7 | C | C | | G | C/G | G | G |
BmNow I'm a rambling through this meadow
Em Em7Happy as a man can be
C G D/F#Think I'll just lay me down
D7/F#Under this old tree
GOn and on we go
Through this old world a shuffling
G7 CIf you've got a truffle dog
GYou can go truffling
D/F# D/F# D7/F#And you might get Lucky now and then
G CYou win some
Am Am7 CYou might get Lucky now and then
G C/G C/GYeah you win some
(end on G)
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