Mark Knopfler - Trawlermans Song tab

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:47:21 +0200
Subject: k/knopfler_mark/trawlermans_song.crd

Mark Knopfler
Trawlerman's Song Revisited


Key of Cme:-----------------------|B:------------4----------|G:---------3-----3----5--|D:--/3--5----------------|A:-----------------------|E:-----------------------|
Intro: Cm Verse 1 Cm F we're taking on water diesel and stores Bb C# laying up awhile before i'm back on board Cm F Bb they're patching her up to go fishing again, (fishing again) Cm F they're welding her rudder scrubbing her keel Bb C# scars on her belly need time to heal Cm D7 in the dock with the trawlermen i know all the people there's nobody new soon we'll be leaving with the same old crew on the green water the tumbling sea they ain't running like the good old days time's just slipping down the old slipways in the dock so dear to me Chorus: Cm F dark is the night Bb Gm Bb I need a guiding light to keep me Gm F from foundering on the rocks Cm F my only prayer Bb Gm Bb is just to see you there at the end F Bb Bb7 of my wandering back in the dock (chord progression: D# Cm F Dm G# D7 G#7 Gm Bb) Verse 2 I could use a layoff getting my strength back but there's a loan to pay off and a few skipjack so it's a turnaround back in the southerly wind pirates coming in to steal our gold you can count yourself lucky with a profit in the hold in the dock when we come in Chorus Chord progression and solo D# Cm F Dm G# Gm G#7 D# D7 Gm Bb D# Cm F Dm G# Gm G#7 D# D7 Gm Bb
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