Mark Knopfler – Wag The Dog tab

Tabbed by Geoffrey Marsan, student at Royal Holloway University of London

Employed chords:
D9(no5): x54530
F:       xx7565
E:       xx6454
A5:      x77x55
D7:      xx757x
Bm/5-:   xx976x
Bb:      xx876x
A:       xx765x

See at the end of the tab for tips and tab parts. If you're interested in a tab of
the live in Lucca version solo please contact me! There is no official transcription
of this song so I've done my best, enjoy it!

Intro D9(no5) then

Now you can do the watusi
You can do it if you try
Any puppy Dog or pussy
Can do the jerk or do the fly
F                               E
Now you can do the wooly bully
But can you pull the wooly wooly
Can you wag can you wag the dog
D7   Bm/5-   Bb    A

You got the shimmy and the hustle
It's all the rage downtown
Yeh you don't have to have the muscle
To get into the mess around
F                               E
Cos' you can do the wooly bully
But can you pull the wooly wooly
Can you wag can you wag the dog
D7   Bm/5-   Bb    A

So make him sit make him stay
Come to heel go play
Roll him over lie still
Make him go kill attaboy   D7   Bm/5-
Bb            A
Wag that dog baby

You have had the duck and mashed potato
Funky chicken on a roll
Move on up a little later
To the monkey and the stroll
F                               E
Now you can do the wooly bully
But can you pull the wooly wooly
Can you wag can you wag the dog     D7   Bm/5- 
Bb    A
Mmm wag the dog!

Now go bow bow wow wow
Now go woof woof woof woof

D7                     Bm/5-
Yeh that's right wag the dog
The locomotion boogaloo
The hully gully and the limbo too
Wag that dog
Yeh hitchhike for me baby
Now we're barefootin'
The funky funky penguin
That's the bug and that's the frug
Yeh but can you wag
Wag the dog can you wag the dog
Wag the dog can you wag the dog

Additional tips:

Something looking like the intro:

D9no5 E||--------------------------|-------------------------|B||-----------------------3--|--------3--3----------3--|G||--------5--5--------5-----|--------5--5--5----5--5--|D||-----4--4--4-----4--4-----|-----4--4--4--4----4--4--|A||--5-----5--5--5-----5-----|--5-----5--5--5----5--5--|E||--------------------------|-------------------------|
Here's a way to play the D7 Bm/5- riff:
D7 Bm/5- E||-------5-----------------|-------------------------||B||-------7--7-----7--------|--6-----6--6-------6--6--||G||-------5--5--------------|--7-----7--7-------7--7--||D||--7----------7-----7--8--|-----9--9--9----9--9--9--||A||--5----------------------|-------------------------||E||-------------------------|-------------------------||
All along the sound you can hear a rythm guitar played by Richard Bennett (maybe on his Gretsch). This track mostly features something like that:
Guitars: Mark Knopfler plays a Gibson ES335 of 1958. On the studio version, solos are played with a wah pedal, probably a Vox. On the live version, solos are played by bluesman and friend Mike Henderson on a Danelectro Silvertone with a Fender fixed bridge and ultra heavy strings that give this unique sound.
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