Mark Knopfler - Beachcombing tab

Mark Knopfler - Beachcombing

Intro:C D C D C D C-0-------|---|---|-----0-------|---|---|-------0-----|-----------|-----1^3-|---|---|-1^3---1-3---|---|---|-3~(5)---1-3-|-5^3-------|---------|---|---|-----------2-|---|---|-------------|-----5-2-5-|---------|---|---|-------------|---|---|-------------|-----------|---------|---|---|-------------|---|---|-------------|-----------|---------|---|---|-------------|---|---|-------------|-----------|
Verse 1: C F They say there's wreckage washing up all along the coast C F No one seems know too much, or got hit the most C F Nothing has been spoken, there's not alot to see C G But something has been broken, that's how feels to me Verse 2: C F We had a harmony, I never meant to small boats C F Lying out in the water, like a slick of oil C F Tide is running out to sea, under a darkening sky C Am G The night is falling down on me, and I'm a thinking that I should head on Chorus: F C F Head on home (been gone to long) C F C Gone too long, leave my roam C Beachcombing
Verse 3: C F Little wild kitten out hunting, see what he can get C F You're in a big city, that won't stop growing yet C F The sun is goin' down smokin', a flaming testiment C G Something has been broken, and it feels permenant. Verse 4: C F The little seabird flying, he knows were he wants to go C F Quess I ought to pack my stuff, and do the thing I know C F Turn around and head on back, along the old sea walls C G I felt somthing give and crack, and now I'm sorry that's all head on Chorus: F C F Head on home (been gone to long) C F C Gone too long, leave my roam C Beachcombing
Last solo:-0-|---|-----0-------|---|-------0---|-------------|---|---|---|-3^2^0----|-1-|-3-|-1^3---1^3---|---|--3~(5)-3-|-1-3~(5)~3^1-|---|---|---|-------3>5|---|---|-----------2-|---|-x---------|-------------|---|---|---|----------|---|---|-------------|---|-----------|-------------|---|---|---|----------|---|---|-------------|---|-----------|-------------|---|---|---|----------|---|---|-------------|---|-----------|-------------|---|---|---|----------|
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