Mark Lanegan - The River Rise tab version 1

Mark lanegan - The River Rise
from the Hype soundtrack.

e-0-0-0--000-0-0--000-|b-1-1-1--111-1-1--111-|g-0-0-0--000-0-0--000-|d-2-2-2--222-2-2--222-| 8xa-3-3-3--333-3-3--333-|e---------------------|
eventually, this part kicks in
e------------|b------------|g------------|d------------| Repeat for the all the versesa-0---2---33-|e------------|
e-3-3-3-333-3-3-333-|b-2-2-2-222-2-2-222-|g-3-3-3-333-3-3-333-|d-------------------| 2xa-------------------|e-------------------|
e-0-0-0-000-0-0-000-|b-1-1-1-111-1-1-111-|g-2-2-2-222-2-2-222-| 2xd-------------------|a-------------------|e-------------------|
that is basically it, it takes a while to get used to the patern of the song. tabbed by ty righteous
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