Mark Mcginn - Thats A Plan chords

THAT'S A PLAN    Mark McGuinn

C AmThis small town ain't such a bad little place
D Dm FIt's home but I sure could use some space
C AmCity limit signs are closing in on me
D Dm F G There's times I swear I can hardly breathe
(G) Am FI'm going pack my bags say my goodbyes
C GGet a map and close my eyes
Am F F
GPoint my finger and let fate decide Where I'm gonna
Am F I'm gonna hitch my wagon to a wandering star
C GA guy like me can sure get far
Am FWith a little gas and credit card
C F C F Now that's a plan Yea that's a plan
C Am+GENDING: Now that's a plan
C AmThese dirt roads all look the same
D Dm FI wanna see the world from a faster lane
C AmAnd I know for a while I'm gonna be big news
D Dm F G But life will get back like it was real soon
go to chorus, to lead, to interlude INTERLUDE:
Am+G Am+gb Dm6Well I'm sure that I will come back here once again
Am+G Am+gb Dm6 GWhen I finally settled down but til then
go to chorus using ending
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