Mark Mcginn – She Doesnt Dance chords

A# Gm She was in the middle of an empty dance floor
F A# F Wrapped up in a tall dark stranger's arms
Gm Cm They didn't see me slipping through the shadows
F Sit down at the end of the bar
Gm Cm F A#She was kissin' him all over the way she never kissed me
Gm CmI knew it was her in a heartbeat
FBut I knew it couldn't be…
A# Gm Cm FShe doesn't dance and she hates dark smokey pl aces
A# Gm Cm FShe doesn't own any fancy high heel shoes or short sexy dr esses
Gm FHer hair would be up the way that I love
A# Gm Cm F Never so down and crazy, b elieve me I know my baby
A#And she doesn't dance.
A# Gm The bartender said, “Can you believe it,
F A# F Man some guys have all the luck
Gm Cm But in a cold old world so full of pain and heartache
F It's good to see somebody so in love”
Gm Cm F A# They walked out toge ther I just sat there all a lone
Gm CmI thought God I hate that woman
FBut I love the one at home…
(repeat chorus) (bridge)
F Gm It's a like a bad movie that's lasted to long
Cm FIt's all about her, but it has to be wrong
(repeat chorus)
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