Mark Minelli – Murder In The Streets tab

Artist: Mark Minelli
Song: Big City
Album: Gift Horse
Tabbed by: King Of Suede

In the verse, P=Thumb, M=Middle, I=Index (In the right hand)
It's also a suggested picking pattern. You can used P on the A,
I on D, M on G, and A(Ring) on B. But the one I have is what I
find most comfortable.

Intro:e|-4-4-2--2-|----------|B|-4-4-4--4-|-5-5-4--4-|G|-4-4-4--4-|-6-6-6--6-|D|----------|-6-6-6--6-| (x2)A|----------|----------|E|----------|----------|
Verse: B9e|-----------------|----------------|B|---------2-------|--------2-------|G|o---4------4---4-|---4------4---4-|D|o---4--------4---|---4--------4---|A|--2----2---------|-2----2---------|E|-----------------|----------------|
P M P M I P I P M P M I P I I I C#mE|----------------|------------------|B|--------5p4-----|--------5p4-------|G|---6----------6-|---6----------6--o|D|---6--------6---|---6--------6----o| (x2 before lyricsA|-4----4---------|-4----4-----------| x2 behind lyrics)E|----------------|------------------| P M P M P I P M P M P I I I(Alternatively, you can use the same patternas the B for the C#m if the pull off is too hard)
Verse ("They say don't..."): E F# B BMaj7/A#e|-0-|-2-|---|---|B|-0-|-2-|-4-|-4-|G|-1-|-3-|-4-|-3-|D|-2-|-4-|-4-|-4-| (x2)A|-2-|-4-|-2-|-1-| E|-0-|-2-|---|---|
(After 2nd time) G#7 F# % % %e|---|-2-|---|---|---|B|-4-|-2-|---|---|---|G|-4-|-3-|---|---|---|D|-4-|-4-|---|---|---|A|-x-|-4-|---|---|---|E|-4-|-2-|---|---|---|
Verse Chorus: | E | B | F#| B | 2x Then: |BMaj7/A#|G#7| F#| % | % | % | Verse Chorus Bridge Same as Chorus, but play the first part 6 times. Then the 2nd part once. Chorus Chorus (Don't play until the 2nd part) End on B
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