Mark Of Cain - Retaliate tab

(R) Retaliate
T H E   M A R K   O F   C A I N
Tabbed by Aaron Bridgeman (

! = pick a few times, you work it out
h = hammer on
~ = vibrato

MAIN RIFF:e|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------|A|-0--3-5-3-0---8----0-3-5-3-0-3-5-3-0---7----0-3-5-3-0-|D|-0--3-5-3-0---8----0-3-5-3-0-3-5-3-0---7----0-3-5-3-0-|
That's pretty much it, the rest is bass I don't own the song tho, so i can't check it good and proper
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