Mark Schottinger – Hellbound On A Barstool chords

Hellbound on a Barstool 
by Mark Schottinger
(as seen in "The Parking Lot Movie")

G Em DI think I'm going down, somehow I don't care
G Em DThere's a band that's playing pretty and a lot of ladies there
G Em DDancing quite divine, angels keeping time
G Em DBut I cant take my eyes of the exit sign
C DAnd I'm hellbound on a barstool
G G/F# Em D Wond'ring where it all went wrong
C DHellbound on a barstool
G G/F# Em D While the angels play their song
CI try to sign along
DBut I fear I'm
GToo far gone
G Em DA poor man begs a dollar, says he needs it for a ride
G Em DI ask him where he's going, he says to the other side
G Em DI wish him best of luck, he says it's worth a try
G Em DAnd I don't have much money but for those angels I oblige
G Em DWould I leave here if I could?
G Em DThe angels tell me that their offering 's still good
G Em DBut I'm attended by Mephistopholes, gotten messed up and down on my knees
G Em DWhen the lights go on the angels leave, will there be a light in me?
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