Marlon Roudette – New Age chords ver. 5

Marlon Roudette - New Age
My first tab, but I think the chords are quietly perfect and in every way better than 
the existing versions.

Standart Tuning
Capo 4

Em  022033
Em* 200033
G   320033
C   032033

G Em* Em Em*If love was a word, I don´t understand.
G Em* EmThe simplest sound with four letters.
G Em* Em Em*Whatever it was, I´m over it now.
G Em* EmWith every day it gets better.
It gets better…
C G EmAre you loving the pain, loving the pain?
C G EmAnd with every day, every day I try to move on.
C GWhatever it was, whatever it was,
Em GThere´s nothing now.
You changed. New Age. -And so on-
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