Maroon 5 - I Wont Go Home Without You chords version 1

Eb Fmr i asked her to stay,but she wouldn't listen
Ab Eb she left before i had the chance to say
G7 Cmr Fmr oh,oh,woa,the things that would mend,the things that were broken
Ab Bb Eb but now it's far too late,she's gone away
Pre Chorus:
Eb every night you cry yourself to sleep thinking
Cmr F7/Eb Ab why does this happen to me,why does every moment have to be so hard,
Bb hard to believe that
Eb Fmr it's not over tonight,just give me one more chance to make it right
Ab Bb Ebi may not make it through the night,i won't go home without you:
then same as first verse except that it's Cmr instead of Eb for the first chord! after 2nd verse it's pre chorus then chorus times 2 then mid8 mid8:
C# Ab Eb Bboh all the things i felt,i never let it show
F# C# Ab Bb perhaps the worst is that i ever let you go,shouldnt've ever let you go oh,oh,oh,oh
chorus times 2:then....
Eb Cmri won't go home without you,i won't go home without you,
Ab Eb i won't go home without you.
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