Maroon 5 - Out Of Goodbyes chords version 3

This is my First Tab but i am 100% Sure that this is Correct.

Out Of Goodbyes
Maroon 5


Cmaj7:x32000 C#m7b5:x4545x
Intro G Verse 1:
G Tell me actions speak louder
C but there's something about her words
G that hurt
G Closing up its so late and
C I'm the last one still waiting for you
Gto lock the door
Cmaj7 On our way home i reallize
C#m7b5 there's some kind of storm brewing in his eyes
G only vieled by a thin disguise
Cmaj7 now that i've done my time i
C#m7b5 need to move on and i need you to try
G Cause we're out of goodbyes
Cmaj7We're out of goodbyes
GOut of goodbyes
Verse 2:
G Never asked you to change
Cbut sadly you don't feel the same
Gabout me
G I wonder does you man
Cstill shudder when you touch his hand
Glike this man
Cmaj7 F Eb G Ooh
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