Maroon 5 - Shiver tab version 2

Maroon 5
Songs about Jane
Rhythm Guitar Parts
Tabbed by Joe Mahon
This is to be improved and based on a single hearing of the song
Rhythm Guitar Chords
----------------------------------------------| A minor - E minor7 - E minor7B5 - B majore:--5---------7---------x------------7--------|B:--5---------8---------8------------7--------|G:--5---------7---------7------------8--------|D:--7---------9---------8------------9--------|A:--7---------7---------7------------9--------|E:--5---------7---------x------------7--------|IF PLAYING ALONG TO CD VERSION:When playing these chords, the E minor 7 has a strum where you bar the D,G,B and e strings on 7. And on the B major, a B major7 is played for a strum as well with a 9 on the G string
Intro and verses are these chords and then at the chorus:"There may not be another to your heart. So I guess I better find a new way"e:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D:----5---9----9-7s5---------5---9-------------9-7s5-----------5----9---7-5-|A:--7----------------7----3----------------------------7-----7--------------|E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
*(after "new way")e:--------------|B:--------------|G:--------------|D:--5/7--7--5/7-|A:--------------|E:--------------|I am not great at solos so I can't give you tab for the two solos but a=the chords played over are similar!Any questions to!Enjoy!
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