Mars Volta - Beneath The Eyelids tab

I'm taking this off of a live performance on a youtube video.  
The rhythm for the most part is simple but the F chord switches to 7/8 so just watch for that.
The link for the youtube video is

Am C    G       F                 Am
Do you remember how you wore that dress?
Am C          G       F               Am
It slipped my sight beneath the eyelid
Am C     G      F                Am
Do you remember what you said to me?
Am   C         G     F                Am
What cause has given you the right to stray?
Am  C           G      F           Am
And then you're living to muster a taste
Am  C          G       F               Am
The clocks are ticking fast with every breath

                 Dm               Am
Since we've been wrong, I've been poured away
                 Dm                         Am
Since we've been wrong, you will never ever know me
What took you so long?
I'm not sure of the way
But I hold it as

Just one more time 

you still amass

Am C G F Am

The next verse follows the same chord stucture like the first verse:

One day your rain will come wash away
The earth that held us was no island
I have become unbroke inside this skin
I'll find a way out through those eyelids
And all the days become of cast away
I seem to think I don't belong here


The end of the chorus goes to the bridge which is Am, Em, F
Am     Em
On top along here
I should have stayed
Am         Em
What folds inside
Becomes empty
Am        Em
The walls between us
Won't ever break
Am             Em
Should seal it shut
It grows empty

Then the chorus until the end.  The last chord is Am.

Out of laziness I didn't tab the second verse but you should get the idea of it
just by listening to the first verse and then place the chords where you hear it
in the song.

Tabbed by Dan V.

PS: I better not see this tab ripped off and put on other sites without giving me
credit for it.
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