Mars Volta – A Plague Upon Your Hissing tab

			    A Plague Upon Your Hissing - The Mars Volta
Tabbed by: nibbleschew OR

Tuning: Standard

Verse/Main Riff 8xe|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------7-7---------|D|-----------------9-9-9----------7-------|A|-------7p0-------------8-8--------8p0---|E|--0-0-------7p0-------------------------| 8x
Pre-chorus is a Phaser type thing that rises then falls- or do a Pick slide from the to Nut and Nut to Bridge a couple a times with it too.This is the chord right before it gets into the choruse|-6-|B|-5-|G|-3-|D|-x-|A|---|E|---|
These Chords here you can figure out the Rythym toChorus|---12-|-15-|-18-||---11-|-14-|-17-| The Last time through the chorus make sure you play|---12-|-15-|-15-| the Chorus from chords 1-2-2-1-2-2-1-2- instead of just 1-2-3|----x-|--x-|--x-| The Rythym you have to figure out|------|----|----||------|----|----| x4 1 2 3
Bridge--Reverb!!e|------------------------------|------------------2020-17----------|B|--------1313------1616-12----|-------2020-1919--------------------|G|-------------1414------------|------------------------------------|D|--1313-----------------------|---1717-----------------------------|A|------------------------------|-----------------------------------|E|------------------------------|----------------------------| x10-|
Thats the whole thing for the most part. I'll tab the rest when I figure the end out but the order of the song + Lyrics Order -------------------- Verse x8 Prechorus x2 Chorus x4 Verse x8 Prechorus x8 Chorus x4 Bridge x 10 Chorus x 4 Outro - Not tabbed.
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