Marshall Tucker Band – Searchin For A Rainbow tab

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Artist: Marshall Tucker Band

then play these chords with Mr. Charlie Daniels' sweet fiddle introduction:G-Em-C-GEm-Em-C-G
[G] I rode in to [Em] town today [C] And in my mind I said [G] Lord, I'd love to stay Somethin' in me said [Em] Boy, move on [C] Don't know what it is. The good Lord [G] bred it in my bones chorus: And I'm [C] searchin' for a [G] rainbow [C] And if the wind ever [G] shows me where to go [C] You'll be waitin' at the [G] end and I'll [Em] know I'll see the [D] hill with that pot o' [G] gold I'll see the [D] hill with that pot o' [G] gold This ole mount I'm ridin', she's gettin' kinda tired But in my heart she knows there's this one desire She's gonna take me to the end of our road Then she'll lay down and die and I'll say God rest her soul (chorus) (instrumental) [verse chords done twice]: The first time through the fiddle takes the lead. The second the guitar. (chorus done twice) keep it in tune,
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