Marshall Tucker Band - You Dont Live Forever tab

You Don't Live Forever
The Marshall Tucker Band
>From the Album-"Long Hard Ride"
Written by Tommy Caldwell
Tabbed by Ray Scheidler 


D Dm7 C GE------2------1-------------3----------------|B------3------1------1------0----------------|G------2------2------0------0----------------|D------0------0------2------0----------------|A--------------------3------2----------------|E---------------------------3----------------|
D Dm7E---0----2---------2-------0----2---------1--|B------------3-----3-----------------3----1--|G--------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|
D C G D I had a lover prettiest thing I ever seen Just like all good things C G D There was a day she went away Had the best mother that a man could have C G D And my family understands C G When I see Daddy my Daddy say to myself D He's a hell of a man D So I'm sittin' here thinkin' about C G D How we used to be together And it's a lonesome road C G D Even I tell you that you don't live forever C G D No you don't live forever C G C G Listen to me baby C G D What I'm tryin' to say C G C G I can't understand it C G D Dm7 D Dm7 D (Dm7) When you treat me this way
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