Martha Wainwright – Far Away chords

tuning is 1/2 up (between an E and a F)

(Em) Far away
(G) C In some lovely way I hear your call
G CWhatever happened to them all?
G EmWhatever happened to us all?
G EmI know that we've never met before
G CBut that was then, and now I need you more
G CIs someone here keeping the score?
G G/B AmIs there only dying at your door?
DTaking me down off this cross
EmLay me down, down, down in the dust
G Em CWhoa, love, take my hand across the crowd
G CI have been digging underground
G G/B AmWhat'er remains is yet to be found
DI have no children
AmI have no husband
DI have no reason
To be alive
COh, give me one
GGreen grass blades are all on fire
CI own the crack that's in the wind
AmFrom your window I see bars & the birds
DThey sing & they sing & they sing
And the dogs
Em G G/B CThey bark & they bark & they bark & they bark
G CWhatever happened to them all?
G G/B AmWhatever happened to us all?
DAnnie had two young baby boys
Em G G/B EmAnd Jimi went crazy, crazy, crazy, late last fall
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