Martin Sexton - Happy chords version 1

Happy   Martin Sexton


G    D/F#   Dm/F   Cadd9  Cm   G

Verse :

G D/F# Dm/F Cadd9You and I here all alone, Sunday morning here at home
Cm G DThe sky is blue and the coffee's strong, it's true
Dm/F Cadd9 G Then I open my eyes, to this dream realized in front of me
Dm/F C D G/DThen I haven't got a clue what in the world is happenin to me….
G D/F#I think I’m happy… like the first day of summer vacation
Dm/F CHappy when I get a little rest and relaxation
C G DHappy like the choir on Sunday morning sweet and true
Verse: Ooh sister when you cook that way, sweet distraction rules my day The kitchen table just might break, to the sound of you and I rockin' our bodies Now I don’t understand, why I wasn’t your man all these years ago. Other fellows are gonna have to understand, and tip their hats to the man Who scored… Chorus
G D/F#I’m so happy, oh like loving you all night long
Dm/F CHappy…like sleeping on the front lawn
Cm G DHappy…like hearing my favorite song on the radio
Cm GI’ve been around this world a hundred times
Cm GAnd I never knew love could happen this way
Cm GI think of you so often and I know that you are
DThinking of me too
G D/F#I’m so happy, like the first day of summer vacation
Dm/F Cadd9Happy apple pie and relaxation
Cm GHappy like peace all round the world we're living on
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