Martin Sexton - Love Keep Us Together tab

Love Keep Us Together 

By: Martin Sexton

Standard tuning, although Martin is usually tuned down 1/2 step

Gsus2 (3x023x)
D/F#  (2x023x)
Dm/F  (1x023x)
G     (3x003x)  
A11   (x0543x)	
Cadd9 (x3x030)
G5    (3x0033)
Fmaj9 (133010)



Gsus2 D/F# Dm/F G A11e-----------------------|---------------------|-----------------|-------------------|b---3------------3---3--|--------------3---3--|-----------3---3-|------------3-3P0--|g---2--x-x---x-x-2-x-2--|----x-x---x---2-x-2--|-----x-0-x-2-x-0-|----x-------4-4P0--| d---0--x---x---x-0-x-0--|----x---x---x-0-x-0--|-----x---x-0-x-0-|----x-------5-5P0--| a------x-------x---x----|----x-----------x----|-----x---x---x---|----x-----0--------| e---3--x-------x-3-x-2--|-2--x---------2-x-1--|-1-1-x---x-1-x-3-|-3--x-3/4----------|
x - stop strings percussively Verse Gsus2 D/F# Hold me tight don't say goodnight Dm/F G A11 And I'll let you know that I care_______ Gsus2 D/F# Wait a little longer don't let me be Dm/F G A11 And I'll comfort you from the storm_____ Gsus2 D/F# It's been a long night tomorrow's another day Dm/F G Call me when you find out the answer A11 Gsus2 And I'll hope and I'll pray D/F# Dm/F G A11 To a power that will keep me from goin' insane in the meantime Cadd9 G5 Teenage lovers caught up in this dance Cadd9 G5 Fmaj9 Pain's the price of this young romance Cadd9 G5 How was I such a young fool to know Cadd9 G5 Fmaj9 Lord knows I got no direction from home So I say this prayer (Chorus) Gsus2 D/F# Dm/F Take hold of me blessed powers that be G5 Love keep us together (Repeat Chords) Down with the rain came the news That our wild ways gonna bring us a baby boy Wash away all those innocent dreams Now my whole world is turned upside-down on me And here I pray To some power they say's gonna keep me from goin' insane I can't be strong unless I'm by your side My weakness tells me to run for the hills Responsibility beckons me To think I dreamed your kiss would set me free Well I've never been so wrong Chorus (Spoken) There cries a child so deep in the night He needs a father somebody to set things right I am the one to love to hold him tight To discount by love a serious oversight Higher power has brought us together I know She will keep us together wherever we go Even if I live a thousand miles away My love is pure and strong and here to stay
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