Martina Mcbride – Wrong Again chords

Left handed

Hi!  These chords seem right to me, it sounds
pretty good! The strumming is simple,
just listen to the song to get it down.
Let me know what ya think:)

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C  C/B  Am  G  F  G  C  G

C C/B AmFrom the day we met
Em FYou made me forget
C G F G CAll my fears
Em AmKnew just what to say
G FAnd you kissed away
C GAll my tears
F G CI knew this time I had finally found
EmSomeone to build my life around
F GBe a lover and a friend
F G CAfter all my heart had put me through
EmI knew that it was safe with you
F G F GAnd what we had would never end
G C C/B Am G CWrong again
C C/B AmEverybody swore
G FThey’d seen this before
C F G F CWe’d be fine
C G Am G FAnd you’d come to see that you still loved me
C G In good time
F G CAnd they said there’s nothing you can do
EmIt’s something that he’s going through
F GIt happens to a lot of men
F G CAnd I told myself that they were right
EmThat you’d wake up and see the light
F GAnd I just had to wait ’til then
G CWrong again
C C/B Am G F G A
(A) DAnd it seemed to me the pain would last
F#mMy chance for happiness had passed
G AAnd nothing waited ’round the bend
G A DI was sure I’d never find someone
F#mTo heal the damage you had done
G D G AAnd my poor heart would never mend
A D A BmWrong again
A D A Bm A DWrooong again
Have fun!! RATE:)
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