Mr Shorty tab with lyrics by Marty Robbins - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Marty Robbins – Mr Shorty tab

Mr.  Shorty
By Marty Robbins

Transcribed by Shane Roe (with help from the earlier version)

Each verse follows the same pattern, until the end. There is a slight change in the 
from the rest of the verses and I've noted the change within the last line. This is a great 
nearly forgotten song. I hope I did well on my first tab submission. Enjoy it!

(C) Nobody new where he (Am) came from(C) they only knew he (Am) came in
(C) Slowly he walked to the (Am) end of the bar and (D) he ordered one slug of (E) Gin
Well I could (Am)see he wasn't a (D)large man I could (G)see he wasn't too (E)tall
(C)I judged him to be a (Am) bout five foot three and his (D)voice was a soft Texas (G)Drawl
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