Marvelous 3 - Let Me Go chords version 1

Intro/after first chorus/ end of song

-------------------3---------3------------------------------------------------| -----------------3---------3--------------------------------------------------| ---------------4---------4----------------------------------------------------| -------------5--------4-------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verses: A-G-D(two measures of A)
A G Dturn the t.v off put down the cosmopolitan
A G DI'd like to think I'm not asking alot
Pre-Chorus: F-G(two measures of each)
F G(palm-mute)And every other day I hear another brother sayin that I'm standing in line
A E Bm DPlease, just let me go, just let me go
A E Bm DAnd if it's all over just tell me so, just tell me so
A E Bm DPlease, just let me go
C C/B Gand I won't be your shadow anymore
bridge: --------------------------------|---------------------------------------------| --------------------------------|---------------------------------------------| ---------------55555555555555---|---7777777----999999999--1111-13-13----------| --333333333----55555555555555---|---7777777-----------------------------------| --333333333----33333333333333---|---5555555----77777777---9999-11-11----------| --111111111---------------------|---------------------------------------------|
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