Marvelous 3 - Grant Park chords version 1

Marveloous 3
Grant Park
Ready Sex Go
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard eADGBe

Chords used:
G -  320033
D -  xx0232
C -  x32010
Cm - x35543

Intro: G--D--C--Cm--

Verse 1:
GGo and take a ride to
her shop in grant park
DYou can walk though the
door and shove the knife in her heart
CWhen you tell her thet you
can't stand the song anymore
CmThe one you two adopted
on the prom dance floor
GYou can be a Tom Cruise
and make a big scene
DOr be like McGyver
and cut it clean
CEither way there's gonna
be blood on the floor
Cm(hold)When you tell her that you
don't dig girls anymore Chorus:
G D CAnymore, (I can't
believe it)
G D C anymore
anymore Verse 2:
GNow here's a funny story
about a singer named Jed
DHe caught his girlfriend
with a woman in bed
CThey were watching Loveline
with a bottle of wine
CmHaving a party like it's 1999
GSo he threw down the movies
and had a heart attack
DHe jumped in the ocean
and he never swam back
CThey just stood there
naked except for their socks
CmFeeling cheaper than a
prize in a cracker jack box
Cm(hold)I don't think Jed's really
gonna wanna rock anymore (Repeat Chorus twice) Bridge:
DCheck the exposure something's
Cwrong with this picture
DI can't see the truth
Cfor all of the dirty lines
DCheck the exposure something's
Cwrong with this picture
Cm G----All in all your gonna lose your mind
Verse 3:
GThere's a little story
that your gonna adore
DKinda like a lost scene
on the cutting room floor
CIt's all fun and games
until you get a black eye
CmYour down in the sewer
asking all the rats why?
GYou can live and love
and lie and cheat as you wish
DBut that's about as
tacky as a satellite dish
COn a hot pink house
with a burgundy door
CmWith cigarette butts all
over the floor
Cm(hold)I don't think my stomach's
gonna take anymore (Repeat Chorus x4) Outro:
G DCheck the exposure something's
Cwrong with this picture
G DCheck the exposure something's
C G D C--wrong
G DI can't believe it
CI can't believe it
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