Marvin Gaye – Lucky Lucky Me tab


Written by William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter, Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy
On 'Early Classics' (1996)

Chords used:

Bb: 688766
Ab: 466544
F:  x-8-10-10-10-x
Eb: x6888xC: 8-10-10-9-8-8---|G: x-10-12-12-12-x-|
Bb Ab Bb F Bb Ab Lady Luck shows my love me Bb Ab Oh, When she blessed me with your loving charms Bb Ab I've found my place in the sun Bb Ab With heaven right here in your arms Eb Db I feel so lucky, so lucky baby Eb Db Oh, lucky to be loved by you Bb Ab And I wanna thank you, thank you baby Bb Ab For all the little loving things you do F Eb I got to tell the world about it F Eb I've got to stand right up and shout it Bb F Hey! Look at lucky me Bb Ab Bb F Ooh, baby Ooh, baby Bb Ab I don't mind stormy weather Bb Ab The rain no longer makes me blue Bb Ab And I don't care when my friends all get together Bb Ab And leave me out of everything they do Eb Db It's alright if the sun don't shine Eb Db It's impossible to darken my day Bb Ab Makes no difference if I don't have a dime Bb Ab I'll be wealthy anyway F Eb Mmm, I'm no good without you F Eb But listen baby, as long as I got you Bb F Hey! Look at lucky me Bb Hey! Ooh, baby (F G A Bb C) C Bb In my life there's no misfortune C Bb No struggle or strife today C Bb You're my lucky charm, my guiding star C Bb So just smile and chase them blues away F Eb I can't help it baby, you're so wonderful F Eb Oh, How lucky can a-one man be C Bb Oh, your tenderness and sweet caress, C Bb And it all belongs to me G F I wanna tell the world about it G F I wanna stand right up and shout it C G Hey! Look at lucky me C Bb (rpt. to fade w/vocal ad lib)
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