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Mary Black - My Youngest Son Came Home Today

My version of the song already posted.
See notes at end

Dm                     F      C
My youngest son came home today
Dm                            F        C
His friends marched with him all the way.
Dm                     C      Dm
A fife and drum beat out the time.
        F             C      Dm
While in his box of polished pine,
        Bb      C    Bb  *      A
Like dead meat on a butcher's tray,
Dm             **    C      Dm
My youngest son came home today.

play before most Dm's -------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| -----0----------------------------|
-3-S-4----------------------------| s=slide ----------------------------------| * 1-p/o-0--------------------------------| p/o=pull off --------3--------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------|
** -----0----| -----1----| -----0----| -----2----| -0-2-3----| ----------|
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