Mashlin – Shore tab

Song Title:The Shore
Tabbed By: yoh47

the other tab on the site is pretty good  but is a little inaccurate....this is how i 
it..note that the second part of the intro is included aswell..If you listen to the song 
is very simple
to play..I am 99.9% sure tht this is correct..

Intro PartI:e|------0-------3-------0-------0--|b|----1--1----1--1----1--1----1--1-|g|--2---------------0-------0------|D|----------3----------------------|(Play this twice)A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Intro PartII:(strum)e|---0000---3333---0000---0000-----|b|---1111---1111---1111---1111-----|g|---2222---2222---2222---0000-----|D|---2222---2222---xxxx------------|(Play this twice)-figure out strummingA|-----------------3333------------|by's not difficult if youE|---------------------------------|have heard the song.
This is a killer track i heard of NHL 07 It's simple and fun to play..Please rate and or comment Cheers!
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