Mason Jennings – Adrian tab

"Adrian" By Mason Jennings

**Tune 1/2 Step Down**

Fingerpicking pattern:

eb|-----------------------------------------|Bb|------------3------------3------------0--|Gb|------2------2-----2------2-----0------0-|Db|---0-----0------0-----0------------0-----|Ab|-----------------------------------------|Eb|-----------------------------3-----------| etc.
Verse: D G Looking down from the apple tree D Bm My hands tied in back of me G With this rope below my chin G Bm A D Don't fear death my adrian Verse: Trust me son that one day soon You'll be on the bottom where the boat breaks through To let our freedom in again Don't fear death my adrian Chorus: Bm G D From now on i am part of you Em Bm I am the story that you'll tell Bm G D Let my life empower you Em A Let my troubles teach you well Verse: Let your burning hatred go Learn yourself until you know That fear is where all hatred begins Don't fear death my adrian Chorus Verse: As they set my last breath free Turn your eyes but don't fail to see The love you feel inside your skin Don't fear death my adrian Don't fear death my adrian
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