Mason Jennings - Train Leaving Grey tab

---------------------Train Leaving Grey by Mason Jennings--------------------

(first 8 bars) E Hopin' that I'll see you on the street...E--------7----7------------5----4------------4----4-----------4----4------|B--------5----5------------4----4------------5----5-----------5----5------|G---4----------------5------------------6----------------7----------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(second 8 bars) A BIts yourr kind of daay...E--------5----5------------5----5-----------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------7----7-----------8----8------|G--------6----6------------6----6------------8----8-----------8----8------|D---7----------------7------------------9----------------9----------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E Nothin has the color of you eyes A B train leeaving gray E A B and iill never love nooone the way i loved you E A B ii never thought thaat love could come true E driving 'round the city in your car A B down low in the sea E comin home and gettin into bed A B smilin in your sleep E A B iill never love nooone the way i loved you E A B youu've never loved nooone have you (play through melody once) E Hopin that I'll see you on the street A B Its yourr kind of daay E Nothin has the color of your eyes A B (last two notes are plucked slower) train leaving grey There are a few parts where Mason improvises around the melody, and I'm not sure if I have the tempo right. The 'B' can also be played with the high E, B, and G strings, and looks like this:
It's hard to hear exactly how Mason plays it, but it's nice to vary how you go through the melody. This is my first tab; feel free to change or add corrections. Cheers, and enjoy. ---Mike Wolf---
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