Massive Attack - Psyche tab

Song: Psyche feat. Martina Topley-Bird
Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Heligoland (2010), Track #5

Tuning: Standard E, or Drop D. The lower string is irrelevant, but I play in Drop D most 
of the time so whatever.

This is the basic layout of the song, there are some subtle nuances but I'm sure you can 
pick them up on your own.

The guitars are actually seperate, from what I can tell, but this is how I would play 
them if you were intending to play the whole thing as one guitar's parts.

"I'm looking for you in the woods tonight..."

E---------|B---------|G-----5h8-|D-5h6-----|A---------| In a droning manner, which shifts toD---------|
E---------|B---------|G-----5h7-|D-5h6-----|A---------| And then back again, listen for the timing.D---------|
"Conjure me as a child..."
And so on...
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