Massive Attack – Psyche chords

Cm Gm Ab Bb Gm F

Cm GmI'm looking for you in the woods tonight, I'm looking
Ab BbLooking for you in my flashlight, I'm searching
From in the high or down the ocean
Gm FAnd I face myself in reason
CmGain the wolf
Gain the wolf Gm Ab Bb
Bb GmConjure me as a child
FmSlipping down a wet side
CmStretch up, I cannot reach him
Gm Ab BbJumping up, they drag him from the water
GmI watch them march him into life
FmI watch them take him from the pain
CmInto the sky for your eagle eye
Gm Ab BbThe sun seeds a sickle and a scythe
Gm F [Solo] Cm Gm Ab Bb
BbRidicule they won't allow
Gm FmQuench abuse and let love flower
CmRip the cage out of your chest
Gm Ab FmLet the chaos rule the rest
GmShow without showing
AbWhat you know without knowing
Bb GmTwigs snap, I catch
EbNo canoe, only you and me
DAlone on the old teal sea
D (F)
Cm GmDissolving who we are
Ab BbCall out for yesterday's destiny gone
Gm FWe're on a foreign shore
Cm GmIt was the mark of falling
Ab BbI was the car still running
FmAnd when you call I'll be your shield for life
Gm CmAnd if you feel it, you'll fly
GmThe sunset begging me
Ab BbAnd I was set to fall in
F Gm CmAs I was set to fall in [x12]
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