Mat Kearney - Bullet chords


Capo: 3

Chords used: (With Capo) (Without Capo) Em7 C2 G D Em C G DE:-3-----3--3--3 -10--11--7---9----|B:-3-----3--3--3 -11--11--7---11---|G:-0-----0--0--2 -12--12--8---11---|D:-2-----2--0--0 -12--13--9---11---|A:-2-----3--2--0 -10--13--9---9----|E:-0-----X--3--X -X---11--7---X----|
Intro: E:--------|B:--------|G:--------|D:--0-2~~~|A:--------|E:--------|
verse: E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G:-----------------------------2-4-------------------------2----------------|D:--2-2-4-2-4--2-4-5---2-2-5-2------2-2-4-2-4--2-4-5---2-2---5-4-4-5-4-2----|A:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Em7Doesn't matter if you call me wrong,
C2Doesn't matter if you steal my song,
GDoesn't matter if we're all alone,
DIt doesn't matter at all.
Em7'Cause I would take a bullet for you!
C2I would take a bullet for you!
G DI would cross any line; swim across the sea.
Em7'Cuase I would take a bullet for you!
C2I would take a bullet for you!
G DI would lose it all, and take my fall to show you... it's for real.
(repeat verse, pre-chorus, and chorus) thats about all you need to know
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